The NSWC has launched a new initiative to provide a new level of support for fundraising. We recognized how hard committees work to achieve their revenue goals and how little they get in return for all of that hard work. As a result we are proud to announce LoyaltlyTel Affinity program. NSWC has partnered with LoyaltyTel to provide you with a unique opportunity to save money on your long distance communication while helping to support the various athletic activities at our club. Equally important is that LoyaltyTel provides better value and service than you are likely getting from your existing long distance provider. Anyone who has a residential or mobile phone can access these benefits and savings while supporting NSWC activities at the same time. This fundraiser should provide the NSWC with additional money for improvements to our Club. The more support we get, the more funds we will have to improve our club. Thanks again for your support. Sincerely, Peter Gibson, General Manager

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